Scheduled Downtime

I’m a tinkerer. Never one to leave well enough alone. So sometime this month, I’ll be rebuilding the server again for at least a couple days. I’m SURE you all have questions!

Why rebuild again?! Because I want to learn new shit.

What are you learning?! Uh… quite a few things 🙂

What’s changing?! Nothing that you’ll notice dear reader… maybe…

Are you going to fuck up and end up losing all these pics of beautiful models?! No… hopefully not. Assuming I remember to back everything up first :p

Why don’t you have backups?! I’m lazy…

Will the new rebuild include a backup system?! Hell YES!

When will this happen?! When I’m not lazy. Currently aiming for next week, but we’ll see.

When will you post new pics of pretty ladies?! Soon after the rebuild… If I’m not lazy 🙂

Don’t know if anyone even looks at this blog now but in case there is, you’ll know. 

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