Back in the Game

It’s been years but I’ve decided to restart the blog. Originally, I was going to write my own blog using Django but … well I’m lazy. But why did I take down the old blog?!¬†Well the answer is simple, I’m an idiot. At the time the server was still running a 32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 from the days when the server was running off an Intel Pentium 3 processor with a ungodly 320MB of RAM. In other words, it was very old and outdated, which meant it couldn’t utilize the new hardware it was running on.

So I decided to start from scratch, full format with a clean new install of Debian 7 and attempt to write my own blogging system in Django. Unfortunately, my brilliant self decided that I had copied everything off the old install that I would need without double checking first. You know, that thing that most intelligent people would do when doing something as destructive as this. That and actually have a backup solution in place. Anyway, long story short I fucked up and lost the old blog when I sudo rm -rf / the sucker.

I’ve taken a rather long hiatus from photography since then. It’s about time to get back into photography and enjoy doing what I love. With that the blog is back and I will be posting regularly again.

Till next time…

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